HuffPost Canada's No Strings Attached project follows Thunder Bay's Sherry Mendowegan, Lindsay's Segura family and Hamilton's Jessie Golem on their journeys with the Ontario basic income pilot project and its aftermath. Through them, we examine the debate over the potential for basic income in a future where precarious work is increasingly common.



'WE'RE NOT PARASITES' Photographer Chronicles Scrapped Basic Income Pilot Moving Up Sherry Mendowegan is living her dream of getting an education. A New Class Of Entrepreneurs Could unconditional payments unleash a new wave of innovation? BLOG: The Program Was Changing My Life Then the Doug Ford government called it off. FAMILY BUSINESS GROWS WITH BASIC INCOME The Seguras struggled to keep their restaurant open. Until now. BOLD PROJECT SETS HIGH EXPECTATIONS It's already had a positive impact.


PERCEPTION AND STIGMA Ontario Photographer Gives Basic Income Participants A Legacy Back-To-School Tool How basic income fosters education success stories. WOMEN'S RIGHTS GAMECHANGER Basic income a potential lifeline for domestic abuse victims. PCs CALL IT OFF The pilot project was supposed to last three years. HOW BASIC INCOME COULD COST LESS Savings to health care costs alone could offset nearly half the bill. What Is Ontario’s Pilot Project? The province has been giving cheques to 4,000 people with no strings attached.